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Quark is our smallest board created for the youngest shredders. Its extremely low weight and balanced flex guarantee that Quark is the perfect choice for young guns. The use of carbon fibre technology makes the wooden core thinner and lighter without losing durability and flexibility. Long side channels make the board very stable and easygoing, ensuring fast and easy progress for young wakeboarders. The highest quality grind base material allows kids to slide on cable park features easily, transferring them to the next level of wakeboarding.

Product Details

  • wakeboard / PARK SERIES
  • 3D pattern, carbon reinforced
  • super light paulownia wood core , CNC milled on both sides
  • very durable P-TEX base, obstacle prepared
  • 3D channels base
  • ABS sidewalls
  • polyethylene top sheet
  • water based UV varnish coat on the top surface
  • finless
  • rocker : continuous
  • compatible with any bindings


Versatile Shaped Wakeboard, Dynamically Balanced Rookie Shred

The Quark is our smallest board, designed specifically for young wakeboarders. Its light weight and balanced flex make it the perfect choice for young riders.

he carbon fiber technology used in the wooden core makes it thinner and lighter without compromising durability and flexibility. The long side channels provide stability and ease of maneuverability, allowing for quick and easy progress for young wakeboarders.High-quality materials allow kids to slide smoothly on cable park features, enabling them to advance to the next level of wakeboarding.

We Create Unique Wakeboards For Any Condition Using Proven Technologies Inspired By Riders, Utilizing Only The Finest Raw Materials. Sophisticated Constructions And Prooved Technologies Developed In Loxee Create New Benchmarks In Performance Standards.


  • Has a smooth consistent curve in the boards’ side profile running from tip to tail.
  • Continous rocker offer a more predictable ride, land smoothly and tend to be easier to take your air out of the board bottom surface


Multiple channels give multiple benefits. Channels break the surface tension upon landing, they also help to direct the water flow. Some of them made to help you get better feeling on wake obstacles.


In order to get a good grip and stability, we designed the DOUBLE VEE CHANNELS. They provide good and stable traction on the water, softer landings and increased hydrodynamic drag.


2 layers of light fiberglass reinforced with top carbon fiber stripe, gives perfect strength and amazing pop to the board.
By adding extra Carbon top stripe makes a board lighter than other boards and provides fast response when edging the board.


To get a good POP every good board needs a solid and long grained wood core. The CNC milled Paulownia wood core is the heart of every X WAKE board.


Before you can set up your wakeboard bindings, you’ll need to find your wakeboarding stance. Your wakeboarding stance refers to how you will be standing on your board—which direction you will be facing, how far apart your feet should be, etc.

Use the below table to set up your best stance.


Weight 5 kg
Board Size

110 X 36, 120 X 37, 125 X 38,5, 130 X 41


Black, White

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